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(Complex) Problem Solvers with an unique approach

How do you manage the quality and reliability of your company? How do you help your people to get the best out of themselves and to work together effectively on difficult issues? By teaching them to clarify and deal with complexity. That works.

CoThink consultants, facilitators and trainers have a unique approach to get grip on every situation and to communicate what matters based on facts. We support you to organise the operational processes as efficiently as possible, solve problems as effectively as possible and teach you to do the same.

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Solving and preventing problems. A CoThink Facilitator helps you to get to a clear picture. We guide with a transparent process and build trust. Through this way of working you get answers to complex issues, you solve problems faster and you save valuable time.


A CoThink training is an experience. Passionate trainers offer methodologies and skills that will be immediately applied . Customised to your needs. At our offices, your location, worldwide and online. You can ànd want to apply the new skills directly in your daily work. Want to learn real skills for life?


You want to accomplish your ambitions, company goals and deliver reliable quality. Often things have to change first. We know how to do that. Together we will look at your operational processes and everything that comes with it. From the (worldwide) implementation of new working methods to improving team communication.

The RCA training helps you solve the actual problem and define the correct cause.
PSDM training - Applicable in work and private, Skills For Life!
The most complex problems seem to be soluble after the training and therefore a challenge or simply fun.

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CoThink Event Mapping

02-05-2024CoThink Event Mapping is a structured method that you use in Root Cause Analysis, troubleshooting and decision making. It is particularly popular in all situations where understanding systems or processes and their interrelationships is crucial.

The problem is that there is often an overload of information and therefore the overview is missing. That feels overwhelming and how do you know you have everything? We understand that Problem Solving or an RCA can be difficult, has little progress and takes a long time. That's why hundreds of companies have been using CoThink Event Mapping for the past 20 years. Another major advantage is the international applicability, regardless of culture.
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