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CoThink Event Mapping

02-05-2024 CoThink Event Mapping is a structured method that you use in Root Cause Analysis, troubleshooting and decision making. It is particularly popular in all situations where understanding systems or processes and their interrelationships is crucial.

The problem is that there is often an overload of information and therefore the overview is missing. That feels overwhelming and how do you know you have everything? We understand that Problem Solving or an RCA can be difficult, has little progress and takes a long time. That's why hundreds of companies have been using CoThink Event Mapping for the past 20 years. Another major advantage is the international applicability, regardless of culture.

CoThink Event Mapping works as follows

Event Identification: The process starts with identifying relevant events or incidents within a system or process. These are events such as: installations that fail, product deviations, processes that crash, incidents and projects that have failed.

Identifying relationships: Once events have been identified, the next step is to map out the relationships. This means that you understand causal relationships and dependencies between events, including ‘ loops ’ or patterns that emerge. Also use a timeline, graphs, sketches, photos and (design) drawings.

Visual representation: CoThink Event Mapping provides a visual representation of the events and their relationships. This valuable representation helps stakeholders to understand the dynamics of the system more intuitively.

Analysis and insight: Through the process of mapping events and their relationships, participants gain insight into the underlying dynamics of the system or process. This helps identify failed measures, potential areas for improvement or factors contributing to unwanted results.

Decision-making and actions: You also use CoThink Event Mapping as a decision-making tool. Because you visualize the consequences of different actions or scenarios, stakeholders can make more informed decisions about how to tackle problems or achieve desired results.

Event Mapping offers a structured approach to understand (complex) systems and to make better decisions. It stimulates cooperation through holistic and critical thinking. Limited analysis methods such as barrier analysis, 5x why or fishbone do not provide the insight that stakeholders do get with CoThink Event Mapping.

Our customers trust us and our integrity, so you won't find specific business examples here. That is why we use public sources for Event Mapping examples.

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