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Problem Solving & Root Cause Analyse: Skills for Life

06-06-2022 Problem Solving is a skill you need in every job

We offer training for all levels and for different situations, because why would you make things difficult if it could be easy? Troubleshooting doesn't have to be difficult, but sometimes they make it terribly difficult for you and that doesn't motivate.
We know from psychology that people get motivated when they feel they can succeed, that they benefit from it and that it has meaning. That's how we built our training and that's what makes a CoThink training special.
Tailored to your needs and desire to keep growing. The scalability from simple to complex allows you to step in at different levels.

The methods you learn will directly add value to Six Sigma, Lean, ITIL, Agile, Business Excellence, etc.

What type of problem
The approach depends on the type of problem and the context. That's why you always make an estimate of the impact first. This allows you to determine the best approach, the urgency and who you need.
A practical format:
  • Daily operational deviations
  • Deviations that repeat and/or with great impact
  • Deviations that are complex, business critical

Who are involved:

Problem solving always involves several people who have different roles and sometimes even perform multiple roles. Visualizing what role you have and what your relationship with the problem is helps to clarify responsibilities and identify actions. Especially if a problem gets the label ‘business critical’ or in a crisis then separating the roles is crucial.

The experts – provide knowledge, experience and information about facts and actions carried out.
The problem owner – has the resources, the authority and feels the need.
The facilitator – gives visual structure, applies logic and organizes the group dynamics.

With the daily operational deviations you usually do not need a facilitator. For this type of problem, the mastery of Problem Solving & RCA Essentials is usually sufficient.

Three skill levels
Before you choose a training, it is useful to ask the question what you want to learn and what you think you need. We have adapted our offer accordingly.
For more info click on one of the levels.

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