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RCA on the workplace

20-01-2020 The tailor-made training for your company

Do you recognize this?

Solving production and quality problems takes a long time, malfunctions keep coming back and employees seem to give up a bit. We believe things can be done differently. Because every time we take the time, we solve problems better and learn enormously from each other. "If you add up all the time in which this problem has been discussed, we could have performed three RCA's!"

Need and necessity

The information is often there, it turns out afterwards. But because it is so vague or fragmented, we don't know what we know. The great thing about the CoThink method is that everyone learns how to easily capture the facts and what important information is still missing.

For whom?

RCA `on the workplace' is for everyone who is first and most often involved in malfunctions. They are the people who, with their knowledge and experience, simply solve problems but occasionally get entangled in persistent or complex problems. Then managers and staff engineers come to the rescue. Or not, and everyone works alongside each other. It is precisely in that situation that the CoThink methodology helps. These people who work together in small teams over and over again to solve problems sustainably, that is the target group.

What and How?

We call it ‘RCA on the workplace’ to indicate that this approach fits seamlessly with daily practice. The emphasis is less on analysis and, above all, on exchanging, collecting and recording information. Simple and effective.

Learning goals

In this workshop, employees learn:
  • dwell on 'atypical' failures (avoid drawing jumping to conclusions)
  • consult colleagues from other work processes (effective communication and knowledge sharing)
  • organize the facts of the problem in a clear way, to indicate what is unknown
  • redirect assumptions to concrete questions
  • ask about underlying causes and broken barriers
  • transfer of this information, with specific questions, to other departments

Tailor-made training

We always connect with your daily practice and your knowledge and skills with a tailor-made program. The training 'RCA on the workplace' deals with the basic concepts of the RCA method. The training contains a mix of theory, practical examples and exercises. You will work directly on your own problems, so you learn to apply the theory and get immediate results. The whole approach is focused on sharing knowledge, communication and promoting personal and team skills.

During preparation, we meet your leaders who have an important role in success. We use your own examples of good and bad fault reports and your real problems of the workplace. We don’t excel in inventing general exercises.

In the training the emphasis is on applying the methods together with your workmates to use each other's strengths. Not everyone is equally skilled at writing, presenting and asking questions. You can stimulate each other to communicate in a timely and structured way. If you speak the same language, you understand the other and the other understands you.

Exactly what you're looking for?!

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