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Event Map the sinking of the Titanic

20-06-2019 Ask someone about the cause of sinking the Titanic, you will get “an iceberg" as an answer. There was, however, a lot more going on..

Pieter van Gestel, fanatical RATIO RCA Facilitator at KPN, looked for a new example to inform colleagues’s about the added value of Event Mapping. He found a very extensive text on Wikipedia about the Titanic. He then conducted a 5-Why analysis based on this information and developed an Event Map. For his illustration, he also showed an example of an analysis with a different fault tree method. The result speaks for itself.

This Event Map shows how a very comprehensive text is easily accessible and understandable by visualizing it.
Event Map Titanic

See here what was also a part of this disaster, except for the iceberg, such as the lack of a key that was still in the coat of an overplaced officer.

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