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Martijn Maas

Managing Partner & senior Facilitator

Making complexity simple is the key part in my work as a trainer, facilitator and consultant. That is precisely why I am so excited about our RATIO approach. I am also extremely fascinated by how we as people have been put together and how we work together. I get the most satisfaction when I can help people get their intrinsic motivation, talents and skills on a higher plan.

Expertise: Prediction and prevention of problems, Major Incident Management, (multicultural) collaboration and personal leadership.

Background: (major) incident, crisis, change and problem management, change management, LEAN, ITIL and cooperation in multicultural organizations.

Gets satisfaction from: Helping people take their intrinsic motivation, talents, and skills to the next level.

Free time: traveling: sailing and playing in a band.

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Ron (nieuw)
Ron (nieuw)
Ron Vonk
Managing Partner & senior Facilitator
+31 6 13 14 09 72
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Difficult problem or complex decision making? Call me...
Dees (nieuw)
Dees (nieuw)
Désirée Veldhuis
Facility-office assistant
+31 341 493 534
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I organize everything with a sunny mood and a musical note.
Jan willen (nieuw cropped)
Jan willen (nieuw cropped)
Jan Willem Vernhout
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+31 6 13 14 09 79
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The more difficult the problem
the more it motivates me
Dirk (nieuw)
Dirk (nieuw)
Dirk Vollenhoven
Senior Trainer/Facilitator
+31 6 55 19 49 36
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better communication through clear thinking
Monique (nieuw)
nothing wrong with check double check, count on me!
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I love to jump to the right conclusions for all others I use RATIO !
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Teamwork makes ...... the Dream
Alex (nieuw)
Alex (nieuw)
Alex Brouwer
Trainer/Facilitator en Consultant
+31 6 54 28 88 34
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I'm the big brother of Sherlock Holmes...
Bert (nieuw)
Bert (nieuw)
Bert Visser
Associate Partner en senior Trainer/Consultant
+31 6 13 14 09 70
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it generally rotates between people and technology
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